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Monday, 5 May 2014

Rusty Moore Muscle Building Rules

I'm convinced that abs have slightly different rules than other body parts.

If you spend 1-2 years improving your mind-to-muscle link and increasing density to your abs, you can maintain your abs with very little work.

A prime example of this is Franco Columbu.In his bodybuilding days, Franco did zero direct ab work.

...but my guess is that he built up base ab muscles when he first started lifting. I read an article in an 80's issue of Muscle and Fitness where Franco explained that he squeezed his abs when he performed other lifts.

This ability to easily contract a muscle hard is the result of a strong mind-to-muscle link.

Once you develop this ability to contract your abs hard, you can maintain exceptional ab definition with very little effort. long as your abs aren't covered with a large amount of body fat.

If you haven't developed a strong mind to muscle link in the abs?

Spend the next 6-12 months going through my Visual Impact Muscle building Program.

Note: No need to enter your email address or anything, this is a direct link Click on image. Also, this was originally going to be a paid product, but I wanted to give something valuable away a few years ago. It's a really solid program.

Once you develop a strong mind to muscle link?

1. You can get away with planks and a very watered down ab workout.

2. ...or you can simply do a targeted ab workout once every week or two.If you have years of lifting experience, my advice is to spend the time you would have worked abs...and do strategic fat loss cardio instead.

The reason I wanted to bring this topic up is something I see in the gym. and women doing 20 minute ab workouts, who have a good 20+ pounds to lose.

If I was their trainer, I'd tell them to spend that time dropping their excess body fat before worrying about endless sets of ab exercises.

Again...once you develop density in your abs, it takes very little to maintain.

If your abs are a little less dense than you want, it just takes a couple of weeks max of direct ab work to get them up to par.

Have a good one :)

Fitness Expert Rusty Moore
Fitness Black Book and Visual Impact fitness courses

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