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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Visual Impact Muscle Building Course - Rusty Moore

The ones that make you wait 20 minutes before you can order the Visual Impact Muscle Building product.

I typically just like to get the crucial info and decide whether or not I want the product. Most of the time I pick up new fitness courses if I believe they will bring something new to the table.

Tuesday morning I picked up a course that teaches how to increase the nuclei in a muscle cell.

I'll talk more about the significance of muscle nuclei in a sec.

...but will start by discussing good and bad points.

First the Bad:

1. It uses a drawn-out video sales letter.

2. The sales video uses the typical catch phrases like "It's not your fault", "You've been lied to", "I might be forced to take this video down", etc.


The course is outstanding.

Now the Good:

1. The second half of the video sales presentation teaches a technique called "Cell Expansion Protocol". Even if you don't get the course it will give you some ideas to build size quickly in stubborn body parts.

2. The course teaches how to increase the number of Nuclei and Mitochondria in a muscle cell. This is the key to adding size to a muscle quickly.

3. The video training library included is ridiculous! It took me 30 minutes to download all the training videos...and he demonstrates countless exercises for each body part.

Increasing the muscle cell nuclei is a BIG deal.
What happens when you increase the number of nuclei per muscle cell?

    Your muscles will synthesize more protein.
    You will be able to recover faster.

Ben teaches how to do this with a specific type of training.

He demonstrates how to do this with biceps at the end of the sales video.

He also suggests in the course that the term "genetic limit" is overused...that we should think more along the lines of "genetic starting point".

If you have a body part that is small and stubborn compared to the rest of your body, it could simply mean than you have a small amount of nuclei in the muscle cells of that stubborn body part.

It could be that easy gainers simply start off with more nuclei per muscle cell than hard gainers.

...and that if you have a strong muscle group it simply has more nuclei than a weak muscle group. This is a pic of David Robinson of The Spurs back in the day.

This guy's shoulders were simply outstanding...and an incredible player as well.

I don't want to be huge all over

...but I would love to increase the development of my delts.

The reason I picked up MI40X, was to use Ben's Cell Expansion Protocol on my delts, calves, and upper chest.

If you have a lagging body part, I highly recommend you checkout the course.

 Visual Impact Muscle Building


Fitness Black Book and Visual Impact fitness courses

PS: This course has a full blown plan if you want to grow muscle all over. This isn't how I intend to use this info...but it has an in depth 6 week program along with diet and exercise videos, etc.

The exercise video library is absolutely the best I've seen offered in any fitness course.

PPS: Women can use this info as well, if they want to add size to a specific body part.

I'm thinking that most women won't want to add as much muscle as possible over most of their body, but might use the info like me...selectively on lagging body parts.

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