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Monday, 9 June 2014

Why my Dad lost his ability to run at the age of 45 - Rusty Moore

I grew up in an area on the Puget Sound, about 30 minutes south of Seattle called Dash Point.

...yeah I know it is a funny name.

We should have written it as " - ." to confuse people.I loved growing up here.

I enjoy the smell of salt water and the sound of Seagulls.

Makes me happy to this day.

We would spend all summer back then, either boating, dock diving, or skim boarding.

One summer when I was 15, I remember walking with my dad down to the Dash Point Dock to go fishing.

We lived a couple blocks up the hill from the dock.There were two ways to get to the Dock.

1. The long way, which meant taking a winding road down the hill.

2. The shortcut, which meant walking through neighbor's yards.

My dad didn't like cutting through yards, but on this day I talked him in to it. At the end of the shortcut was a steep grass hill that you had to run down. It was too steep to walk.

I didn't think twice about it, because that was the shortcut I took daily.

...but my dad looked really hesitant.

I remember him saying "I don't think I can get down this hill Rusty".

I egged him on.

He gave in to my pressure and made an attempt to get down the hill.

He absolutely bit it!

He took 2 steps and then began tumbling hard down the hill.

He sucked it up, but I could tell he was hurting.

I also realized that my dad really couldn't run anymore.

Have you ever seen the average middle aged person trying to run. running to their car in the rain?

And I'm convinced that the same muscles that allow you to run, contribute to balance as well...or not falling when you trip over something.One of the times I missed was when he caught the front of his foot on a curb and fell so badly that he scraped the TOP of his hands!

I don't even know how that happens.

I love my dad to death...but bummed out that he stopped being active in his 30's.

Developing strong fast twitch muscles allows you to quickly jog forward when you trip over something.

It also allows you to run out of the rain to your car if needed, without looking like you are moving in slow motion.

There are countless reasons why it makes sense to have strong & responsive muscles.

Here are a few ways to develop this type of muscle in your lower body.

1. Strength training.
2. Sprint intervals either with cardio machines or old school.
3. Plyometrics.

There's a reason I emphasize low rep strength training and sprint intervals in my 2 main programs.

    Visual Impact Muscle Building
    Visual Impact for Women

It keeps you agile. also happens to be a great way to firm up the lower body and increase density, definition, etc.

Looking back on my life, I now realize that most of my relatives could barely run or jump from their 40's on.

I have refused to accept that fate!

Fight the aging process and kick its butt...

Fitness Black Book & Visual Impact fitness courses

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