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Saturday, 21 June 2014

A heads-up - Rusty Moore Visual Impact

The discount for Ben's muscle building course ends in a little over 24 hours.

There are 2 groups of people who will greatly benefit from this program.

1. Those with a lot of lifting experience who want to quickly bring up lagging body parts.

2. People who want to know how to perform lifts flawlessly and learn advanced "cues" taught by Ben.

Here's the discount link

Rusty Moore Official Webpage

Honestly...don't get turned off by the sales video.

(I never like the online sales process, especially videos).

The course is outstanding.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


-Rusty Moore Fitness Trainer
Fitness Black Book and Visual Impact fitness courses

The best Exercise Demonstration book was published in 1987

The month I turned 17 was the same month I finally got my first gym membership.

My older sister had a boyfriend at the time who was a bodybuilding fanatic.

His name was Russ.

Russ was a huge guy who had a big time 80's mullet.Russ was sporting a full blown AC Slater doo.

I think the "party in the back" part was even longer than AC's.

Ironically, my hair at the time was sort of like Zack Morris's. Yep...I had blonde hair with highlights.

Like Zack, but curlier.

...but not full-blown curly like Screech.

Nobody wants to be like Screech!

Okay, back to my first training partner.

Russ was a roided up mad man!

He gave me the worst lifting advice ever. I listened to what he taught me since I was a newbie and he had been lifting for 7+ years.

...but his advice was terrible!

He was smelly too!

Some people just have a naturally salty sulfur body odor. He borrowed a shirt one time and I couldn't even wash the smell out of it.

I was following his bad advice, but that changed when I picked up Arnold Schwarzenegger's Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding. I used to skim through this book a few times per week to get new ideas on exercise variety for each body part.

A new version was released in 1999...and my guess is that it is a good if you are new to lifting.

...but if you are intermediate to advanced?

I highly recommend you pick up MI40X this week while it is offered at a steep discount.

MI40 Extreme 2.0 (discount link)

Ben Pakulski has created countless videos on the most effective exercises for each body part.

Even if you don't use the Cell Expansion Protocol method to increase the nuclei in each muscle cell...the exercise videos alone are worth the investment.

It is offered at a deep discount for 4 more days.

I'm picking it up to increase muscle nuclei in specific lagging body add size to my shoulders, calves, and upper chest.

I don't want to add size all I'm using his newly researched and proven methods on a few body parts.

...but I'm watching all the videos for each body part to get new ideas.

It's like 1987 all over again.

...but with less mullet action :)


-Rusty Moore
Fitness Black Book and Visual Impact fitness courses

Visual Impact Muscle Building Course - Rusty Moore

The ones that make you wait 20 minutes before you can order the Visual Impact Muscle Building product.

I typically just like to get the crucial info and decide whether or not I want the product. Most of the time I pick up new fitness courses if I believe they will bring something new to the table.

Tuesday morning I picked up a course that teaches how to increase the nuclei in a muscle cell.

I'll talk more about the significance of muscle nuclei in a sec.

...but will start by discussing good and bad points.

First the Bad:

1. It uses a drawn-out video sales letter.

2. The sales video uses the typical catch phrases like "It's not your fault", "You've been lied to", "I might be forced to take this video down", etc.


The course is outstanding.

Now the Good:

1. The second half of the video sales presentation teaches a technique called "Cell Expansion Protocol". Even if you don't get the course it will give you some ideas to build size quickly in stubborn body parts.

2. The course teaches how to increase the number of Nuclei and Mitochondria in a muscle cell. This is the key to adding size to a muscle quickly.

3. The video training library included is ridiculous! It took me 30 minutes to download all the training videos...and he demonstrates countless exercises for each body part.

Increasing the muscle cell nuclei is a BIG deal.
What happens when you increase the number of nuclei per muscle cell?

    Your muscles will synthesize more protein.
    You will be able to recover faster.

Ben teaches how to do this with a specific type of training.

He demonstrates how to do this with biceps at the end of the sales video.

He also suggests in the course that the term "genetic limit" is overused...that we should think more along the lines of "genetic starting point".

If you have a body part that is small and stubborn compared to the rest of your body, it could simply mean than you have a small amount of nuclei in the muscle cells of that stubborn body part.

It could be that easy gainers simply start off with more nuclei per muscle cell than hard gainers.

...and that if you have a strong muscle group it simply has more nuclei than a weak muscle group. This is a pic of David Robinson of The Spurs back in the day.

This guy's shoulders were simply outstanding...and an incredible player as well.

I don't want to be huge all over

...but I would love to increase the development of my delts.

The reason I picked up MI40X, was to use Ben's Cell Expansion Protocol on my delts, calves, and upper chest.

If you have a lagging body part, I highly recommend you checkout the course.

 Visual Impact Muscle Building


Fitness Black Book and Visual Impact fitness courses

PS: This course has a full blown plan if you want to grow muscle all over. This isn't how I intend to use this info...but it has an in depth 6 week program along with diet and exercise videos, etc.

The exercise video library is absolutely the best I've seen offered in any fitness course.

PPS: Women can use this info as well, if they want to add size to a specific body part.

I'm thinking that most women won't want to add as much muscle as possible over most of their body, but might use the info like me...selectively on lagging body parts.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Why my Dad lost his ability to run at the age of 45 - Rusty Moore

I grew up in an area on the Puget Sound, about 30 minutes south of Seattle called Dash Point.

...yeah I know it is a funny name.

We should have written it as " - ." to confuse people.I loved growing up here.

I enjoy the smell of salt water and the sound of Seagulls.

Makes me happy to this day.

We would spend all summer back then, either boating, dock diving, or skim boarding.

One summer when I was 15, I remember walking with my dad down to the Dash Point Dock to go fishing.

We lived a couple blocks up the hill from the dock.There were two ways to get to the Dock.

1. The long way, which meant taking a winding road down the hill.

2. The shortcut, which meant walking through neighbor's yards.

My dad didn't like cutting through yards, but on this day I talked him in to it. At the end of the shortcut was a steep grass hill that you had to run down. It was too steep to walk.

I didn't think twice about it, because that was the shortcut I took daily.

...but my dad looked really hesitant.

I remember him saying "I don't think I can get down this hill Rusty".

I egged him on.

He gave in to my pressure and made an attempt to get down the hill.

He absolutely bit it!

He took 2 steps and then began tumbling hard down the hill.

He sucked it up, but I could tell he was hurting.

I also realized that my dad really couldn't run anymore.

Have you ever seen the average middle aged person trying to run. running to their car in the rain?

And I'm convinced that the same muscles that allow you to run, contribute to balance as well...or not falling when you trip over something.One of the times I missed was when he caught the front of his foot on a curb and fell so badly that he scraped the TOP of his hands!

I don't even know how that happens.

I love my dad to death...but bummed out that he stopped being active in his 30's.

Developing strong fast twitch muscles allows you to quickly jog forward when you trip over something.

It also allows you to run out of the rain to your car if needed, without looking like you are moving in slow motion.

There are countless reasons why it makes sense to have strong & responsive muscles.

Here are a few ways to develop this type of muscle in your lower body.

1. Strength training.
2. Sprint intervals either with cardio machines or old school.
3. Plyometrics.

There's a reason I emphasize low rep strength training and sprint intervals in my 2 main programs.

    Visual Impact Muscle Building
    Visual Impact for Women

It keeps you agile. also happens to be a great way to firm up the lower body and increase density, definition, etc.

Looking back on my life, I now realize that most of my relatives could barely run or jump from their 40's on.

I have refused to accept that fate!

Fight the aging process and kick its butt...

Fitness Black Book & Visual Impact fitness courses

Rusty Moore - How I stayed super-lean in college without even trying...

I attended the University of Washington from 1988-1992.

I had a blast back then for a number of reasons.

    Our football team won the national championship in 1991
    It was the tail end of an era of big keg parties.
    I met friends for life that I still hang out with on a regular basis.
    Got to witness the birth of the Seattle grunge scene.

Speaking of Seattle music, this weekend I watched the 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction on HBO.

It was really cool seeing Nirvana get inducted into the hall of fame.

They decided to play a set using 4 female vocalists.

Joan Jett , Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth), Annie Clark (St. Vincent), and Lorde.

Kim Gordon's performance was my favorite. I recommend watching this if it is available online. why was it easy for me to stay lean in college?

Well I didn't have a car and walked non-stop between classes.

It was a solid 15 minutes fast walking each way to get from where I lived, to my classes Rarely did I ever have classes that were scheduled in a row. I'd walk 15 minutes to class, 15 minutes back, then do that two more times.

I'd go back and study and then 15 minutes to our gym and 15 minutes back.

On average I'd say that I walked at least 2 hours just to get around.

These days, I rarely walk more than 10 minutes.

I'm convinced that we underestimate how much being active outside of the gym can contribute to fat loss.

Leigh Peele is one of my favorite fitness authors and she agrees.

In Fat Loss Troubleshoot she talks about a cool experiment she conducted.

She called it the "The Hunting Test".

She assembled a team of 2 men and 2 women to recreate the daily activities of hunters and see how many calories were burned gathering food for the day.

They had to collect food and track animals. They didn't harm any animals, but just had to get within range of an animal. They also simulated fishing.

The men had to work until they reached 3,000 daily calories and the women 2,500.

All the subjects wore GoWearFit devices to track calories burned.
The results?

Calories Burned during those 8 hours:

Female 1: 1,801
Female 2: 1,743
Male 1: 2,810
Male 2: 2,440

Caloric Burn walking back to camp:

Female 1: 531
Female 2: 491
Male 1: 1069
Male 2: 989

Caloric Burn for the rest of the night until morning after sleep:

Female 1: 741
Female 2: 690
Male 1: 1,304
Male 2: 1,129

*Grand total for the day:

Female 1: 3073
Female 2: 2,294
Male 1: 5,183
Male 2: 4,558

*The total calories burned is the equivalent of what a high level athlete would burn.

Obviously most of us aren't going to be close to this active but even moderate activities can add a lot to your daily calorie burn.

Here's another study Leigh conducted and talks about in Fat Loss Troubleshoot.
The subject?

A woman who weighed 180 pounds and had 39% body fat.

60 minutes sitting: 61 calories
40-minutes weightlifting session: 255 calories
25 minute Interval workout: 167 calories
59-minute grocery shopping and cooking session: 255 calories
45-minute bathroom cleanup: 201 calories

Note: It is pretty interesting that daily activities can burn more calories that "official" workouts. I think that this is a HUGE contributor for people when it comes to getting lean.

 Leigh Peele specializes in looking at the whole picture when it comes to fat loss.

I'm a big fan of her work and think Fat Loss Troubleshoot is perfect for people who have hit a fat loss sticking point.

I like the newest version of her course so much I emailed her to ask for a discount for people who subscribe to my newsletter. 

So she setup a discount that expires on Thursday at midnight.

Fat Loss Troubleshoot Discount Link for My Newsletter Subscribers

Leigh's specialty is finding out the root cause of stalled fat loss.

Clients pay her hundreds to thousands for coaching, but she wanted to reach more she created a 180 page course on how she systematically finds and tweaks variables to overcome any fat loss plateau.

She has a 100% success rate for clients who are compliant.

I went through this 4th version of her course last night and know it will be the exact thing you need if your fat loss has stalled or is slower than desired.

Just make sure and pick it up now to get the discount. 


Fitness Black Book and Visual Impact fitness courses