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Saturday, 21 June 2014

The best Exercise Demonstration book was published in 1987

The month I turned 17 was the same month I finally got my first gym membership.

My older sister had a boyfriend at the time who was a bodybuilding fanatic.

His name was Russ.

Russ was a huge guy who had a big time 80's mullet.Russ was sporting a full blown AC Slater doo.

I think the "party in the back" part was even longer than AC's.

Ironically, my hair at the time was sort of like Zack Morris's. Yep...I had blonde hair with highlights.

Like Zack, but curlier.

...but not full-blown curly like Screech.

Nobody wants to be like Screech!

Okay, back to my first training partner.

Russ was a roided up mad man!

He gave me the worst lifting advice ever. I listened to what he taught me since I was a newbie and he had been lifting for 7+ years.

...but his advice was terrible!

He was smelly too!

Some people just have a naturally salty sulfur body odor. He borrowed a shirt one time and I couldn't even wash the smell out of it.

I was following his bad advice, but that changed when I picked up Arnold Schwarzenegger's Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding. I used to skim through this book a few times per week to get new ideas on exercise variety for each body part.

A new version was released in 1999...and my guess is that it is a good if you are new to lifting.

...but if you are intermediate to advanced?

I highly recommend you pick up MI40X this week while it is offered at a steep discount.

MI40 Extreme 2.0 (discount link)

Ben Pakulski has created countless videos on the most effective exercises for each body part.

Even if you don't use the Cell Expansion Protocol method to increase the nuclei in each muscle cell...the exercise videos alone are worth the investment.

It is offered at a deep discount for 4 more days.

I'm picking it up to increase muscle nuclei in specific lagging body add size to my shoulders, calves, and upper chest.

I don't want to add size all I'm using his newly researched and proven methods on a few body parts.

...but I'm watching all the videos for each body part to get new ideas.

It's like 1987 all over again.

...but with less mullet action :)


-Rusty Moore
Fitness Black Book and Visual Impact fitness courses

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