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Monday, 9 June 2014

Rusty Moore - How I stayed super-lean in college without even trying...

I attended the University of Washington from 1988-1992.

I had a blast back then for a number of reasons.

    Our football team won the national championship in 1991
    It was the tail end of an era of big keg parties.
    I met friends for life that I still hang out with on a regular basis.
    Got to witness the birth of the Seattle grunge scene.

Speaking of Seattle music, this weekend I watched the 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction on HBO.

It was really cool seeing Nirvana get inducted into the hall of fame.

They decided to play a set using 4 female vocalists.

Joan Jett , Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth), Annie Clark (St. Vincent), and Lorde.

Kim Gordon's performance was my favorite. I recommend watching this if it is available online. why was it easy for me to stay lean in college?

Well I didn't have a car and walked non-stop between classes.

It was a solid 15 minutes fast walking each way to get from where I lived, to my classes Rarely did I ever have classes that were scheduled in a row. I'd walk 15 minutes to class, 15 minutes back, then do that two more times.

I'd go back and study and then 15 minutes to our gym and 15 minutes back.

On average I'd say that I walked at least 2 hours just to get around.

These days, I rarely walk more than 10 minutes.

I'm convinced that we underestimate how much being active outside of the gym can contribute to fat loss.

Leigh Peele is one of my favorite fitness authors and she agrees.

In Fat Loss Troubleshoot she talks about a cool experiment she conducted.

She called it the "The Hunting Test".

She assembled a team of 2 men and 2 women to recreate the daily activities of hunters and see how many calories were burned gathering food for the day.

They had to collect food and track animals. They didn't harm any animals, but just had to get within range of an animal. They also simulated fishing.

The men had to work until they reached 3,000 daily calories and the women 2,500.

All the subjects wore GoWearFit devices to track calories burned.
The results?

Calories Burned during those 8 hours:

Female 1: 1,801
Female 2: 1,743
Male 1: 2,810
Male 2: 2,440

Caloric Burn walking back to camp:

Female 1: 531
Female 2: 491
Male 1: 1069
Male 2: 989

Caloric Burn for the rest of the night until morning after sleep:

Female 1: 741
Female 2: 690
Male 1: 1,304
Male 2: 1,129

*Grand total for the day:

Female 1: 3073
Female 2: 2,294
Male 1: 5,183
Male 2: 4,558

*The total calories burned is the equivalent of what a high level athlete would burn.

Obviously most of us aren't going to be close to this active but even moderate activities can add a lot to your daily calorie burn.

Here's another study Leigh conducted and talks about in Fat Loss Troubleshoot.
The subject?

A woman who weighed 180 pounds and had 39% body fat.

60 minutes sitting: 61 calories
40-minutes weightlifting session: 255 calories
25 minute Interval workout: 167 calories
59-minute grocery shopping and cooking session: 255 calories
45-minute bathroom cleanup: 201 calories

Note: It is pretty interesting that daily activities can burn more calories that "official" workouts. I think that this is a HUGE contributor for people when it comes to getting lean.

 Leigh Peele specializes in looking at the whole picture when it comes to fat loss.

I'm a big fan of her work and think Fat Loss Troubleshoot is perfect for people who have hit a fat loss sticking point.

I like the newest version of her course so much I emailed her to ask for a discount for people who subscribe to my newsletter. 

So she setup a discount that expires on Thursday at midnight.

Fat Loss Troubleshoot Discount Link for My Newsletter Subscribers

Leigh's specialty is finding out the root cause of stalled fat loss.

Clients pay her hundreds to thousands for coaching, but she wanted to reach more she created a 180 page course on how she systematically finds and tweaks variables to overcome any fat loss plateau.

She has a 100% success rate for clients who are compliant.

I went through this 4th version of her course last night and know it will be the exact thing you need if your fat loss has stalled or is slower than desired.

Just make sure and pick it up now to get the discount. 


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